Why do the all blacks do so badly against France?

Why do the all blacks do so badly against France? Aug, 1 2023

The French Flair: A Riddle in Rugby

It's funny how life twists and turns, isn't it? Just when we think we've got it all figured out, life throws us a curveball. When it comes to New Zealand's storied rugby team, the All Blacks, few would argue with me regarding their status as the world's preeminent rugby powerhouse. However, when faced with their longstanding rivals, the French National Rugby Team, the dominant All Blacks inexplicably turn as fragile as a faux crystal vase in the midst of a toddler tantrum. And believe me, with my little tyke, Jensen's, propensity for rowdy play, I know a thing or two about fragile items and toddler tantrums!

Historical Groundwork: The Unpredictable Nature of Rugby

Let's set the scene. All Blacks versus the French, a showdown anticipated with bated breath and palpable excitement by rugby enthusiasts around the globe. No one can forget 2007's shockingly tumultuous Rugby World Cup quarter-final where France toppled the All Blacks in a heart-stopping 20-18 triumph. But why is it that the All Blacks, with their infamously intimidating haka and an impressive track record of victories, falter against what we might charitably call the unpredictable French team? Well, my dear readers, the answer lies in historical analysis, a pinch of strategical warfare, and a whole lot of cultural insight.

A Deep-Dive into Strategy and Mindset

Now, I'm no coach or professional player, although my zeal for weekend touch rugby has often left me fantasizing about donning the iconic black jersey. When faced with unconventional styles of play, especially the creative unpredictability the French Team are known for, there's a stark mismatch between the strategies of the All Blacks and the French. The All Blacks’ ethos relies on a highly structured and disciplined game plan. While this works for the most part, the unpredictability and spontaneity of the French style often disrupts this structure and leads to moments of confusion, and possibly chaos, at least in rugby terms.

Exploring the Cultural Dichotomy

Culture can play an astonishing role in sports, influencing factors from a player's mindset to team motivation. While New Zealand's rugby culture is anchored in discipline, structure, and a bit of the warrior's ethos (hence the heart-stopping Haka), French rugby is a reflection of their national identity: artistic, unpredictable, passionate, and all about making a statement. My daughter, Hadley, is a passionate ballet dancer. From her, I've gleaned that the perfect pirouette isn't merely technique but is also defined by the dancer's unique flair. Similarly, the French rugby team’s strength lies in the unorthodoxy of their game, akin to an unpredictable pirouette that leaves spectators, and opponents, in absolute awe.

Juxtaposition of Playing Styles: All Blacks vs. France

The All Blacks, with their fearsome Haka and breathtaking precision in executing set piece plays, offer an almost militaristic approach to rugby. However, as I've often observed in Jensen's strategy-laden Lego battles, a surprise attack often leaves the most fortified defense in disarray. This surprise attack is where the French team excels, often veering off script with an unexpected offensive, enough to throw the All Blacks' play into disarray. Will the All Blacks adapt to this volatile gameplay, or will they stick to the age-old Kiwi rugby testament of disciplined structure? Only time will tell, readers!

Pressure and Expectations: The All Blacks' Burden

Here's another fun factoid for you, folks: when you're repeatedly touted as the best, anything short of a solid win is seen as an epic downfall. Naturally, we see this mirrored in New Zealand's rugby scenario as well. The All Blacks, seen as the model of consistency and peak performance, face immense public pressure and expectations every time they step onto the field. Now, this may motivate some teams, but in this situation, it can also lead to logical errors and stifled creativity under pressure—particularly when they confront the unpredictable gameplay of the French team.

Final Thoughts: The Resilience of the Sport

At the end of say, isn’t it this unforeseen spectacle that makes rugby so fascinating to watch and follow? The All Blacks’ predicament with the French rugby team serves as a heartening reminder of the sport's resilience, unpredictability, and its ability to surprise us, often when we least expect it. As I routinely tell Jensen and Hadley, "Life’s like a game of rugby, unpredictable and beautiful. The best we can do is keep playing our best." And even though the mighty All Blacks might occasionally stumble against France, their strength and resolve to bounce back make them second to none.