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The rugby union is the national sport of Wales and is considered a large part of the nation culture. Rugby is thought to have reached Wales in the 1850's, with the national body, the Welsh Rugby Unuion (WRU). The national team play out of the WRU-owned Millennium Staidum, and completed annually in the Six nations Champonship, as well as having completed at every Rugby World Cup. Wales are ranked as a tier-1 nation by the International Rugby Board.

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Rugby-like games have a long history in Wales, with games such as cnapan being played for centuries. Rugby seems to have reached Wales in the 1850s. Although several clubs had been in existence since the mid 1870s the Welsh Football Union (later renamed Welsh Rugby Union) was not formed until 1880. Wales have played in red since 1880 prior to this they had worn black. However the strength of Welsh rugby developed over the following years, which could be attributed to the 'big four' South Wales clubs of Newport (who lost only seven games between 1891 and 1895), Cardiff, Llanelli (who lost just twice in 1894 and 1895) and Swansea.

The Three Feathers


According to the IRB, Wales has 239 rugby union clubs; 2321 referees; 28,702 pre-teen male players; 21,371 teen male players; 19,000 senior male players (total male players 69,073) as well as 1,000 teen female players; 1,056 senior female players (total female players 2,056)


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