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Newbridge RFC

Newbridge RFC was "born" in 1888 and gained admission to the WRU in 1911. This delay was due to difficulties in obtaining a suitable ground and facilities. Home at the welfare was found by 1925 where a lease was obtained for 99 years at 1s a year! A new pavilion had been constructed at this time also. The welfare ground remains our home, which we share with the cricket team (well the pitch at least!).

Newbridge RFC

We have seen some changes there however as We are on our third club house! Boilers exploading and fires causing problems with previous club houses

Newbridge have been pioneers of a number of well know rugby traits, not least the tap signal from the hooker to the scrum half to feed the scrum and the formation of a wall for penalties. Newbridge has a proud history as a first class club and the people dedicated to this club have worked hard to achieve and maintain this status. Newbridge have produced some fine teams with exciting backs and hard powerfull forwards. With more hardwork and dedication I am sure this standing will continue as we look forward to a regional age in Wales.


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